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Botloka was started in 2021 with the vision to make consumer life easier with the use of Robotics and AI.

We are in the process of building our first home convenience robot. We dream of building an entire line of innovative little robot helpers.




Botloka was started by Pooja Ravishankar in 2021. She is a seasoned e-commerce professional with diverse experience in data science, marketing, product development and scaling teams from ground-up.


Ravishankar GS
Electronics & Hardware Advisor

Ravishankar is a serial Entrepreneur with 30 years of experience spanning hardware product development, software services and business development.

He served as Vice President at Wipro Technologies and Director at Akshayakalpa Farms.


Vinayaka Prasad
Mechanical Engineer


Vinayaka is thrilled to apply his creativity to robotics. Nifty with his hands, he is able to convert his designs to physical products. He is committed to execute Botloka's vision of producing bots for all!


Anand Rajeev
Mechanical Engineer

Anand is a budding engineer who likes to roll up his sleeves and create new products. He wants to build an entire fleet of robots in the future​.


Nandish Kumar

Mechanical Engineer

Nandish is a hands-on design engineer with experience in creating designs for manufacturing. He converts our dream designs into reality, literally!

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